6 Preparations You Should Make Before Hiring a Marquee

Hiring a marquee can be an overwhelming task when planning for an event. The type of marquee you hire can significantly affect the success of the event – a slight mistake can spell disaster. There are many companies offering marquee hire in Sydney and they provide different types of marquees at different prices. Whether you’re planning a luncheon, a wedding or an anniversary party, you need to choose the right kind of marquee. You can only get it right if you start planning early in advance, and if you take into consideration the following points:

Consider the number of people you’ll be hosting

How many people are going to attend the event? If you don’t have the exact number at least get a close estimate. Having a marquee the size of an Olympic field can make the event look like a ghost town. A tiny marquee with barely any space to move won’t be fun for your guests. By knowing the number of people attending the event, you can work out a perfectly sized marquee with the hire company.

Book early

This seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how some people think they can still get things done perfectly the last minute. This is wrong and don’t do it. If you’re hosting the event during the busy season be aware that marquee hire in Sydney is also on the rise. So, make booking of the marquee a priority. Doing it the last minute might mean getting a marquee that is not suitable for the occasion or the wrong size.

What are the other things you require?

The marquee on its own is not enough, you need other extras. They include tables, chairs, covers, flooring, power, lighting and toilet amenities. You can opt to hire the marquee independently or hire a package which is basically the marquee plus all the extras. Professionals in marquee hire in Sydney will advise you to go for the package. This will not only save on costs, but also save you require to source for the additional items. Make the right decisions when choosing these items. The chairs you choose for a corporate event might be different from those of a wedding.

Set a budget and stick to it

Before you hold discussions with your marquee hire company, have a budget in minds. This will help you narrow in on your options and avoid wasting time on marquee hiring companies that fall outside your budget range. Nevertheless, don’t make your decision solely on price. Keep in mind that quality at an extra cost.

Consider your location requirements

Before you settle on the most amazing marquee, think about where the marquee is going to be installed. Having an idea of the amount of space available as well as the character of the location can enable you to choose a perfect marquee. Therefore, know the details of the venue before you start searching.

Check if the supplier is insured

Overlooking this can dwindle away the happiness in your event in a minute. A fly-by-night marquee hire company can easily put you in such a situation because they don’t have insurance. So check that your hiring company has public liability insurance in case your guests incur injuries as a result of the marquee’s bad condition.

Acquire the Best Counselling Course for an Advanced Career

The current world exposes its occupants with increasing quest for education. Notably, the need for more psychologists in every part of the world is on a steady increase. This is because of the daily conditions that interfere with psychological functioning of people that life exposes them to. This increasing demand for counselor has also lead to another increase in the number of student aiming to pursue a course in counseling. Most of these students like building their profession by taking a course in diploma of counselling because starting at such levels provide better grounds for future developments.


Many people who wonder where they can pursue such courses should know that there are different institutions in every country of the world that will ensure that they acquire the right knowledge and skills. The most important reason why any aspiring counselor should take a diploma of counselling course is that

  • He will be able to get counseling certificate after graduation
  • The course makes it possible for the students to acquire practical skills by sending them on regular attachments
  • The students will acquire knowledge and skills from the most renowned counselors in every institution

What’s more, pursuing a course in counselling makes it possible for a person to become a qualified social worker. They can then continue to get a well paying carrier worth their stay in college. Similarly, any student who decides to take a higher diploma counselling course can be sure of continuing straight to a master’s degree course in the same field without going through the bachelor’s degree course. This is because a high diploma of counseling course allows the student to take the number of units required for a completion of a bachelor’s degree course.

Any future student wondering why it is important to pursue a diploma of counseling course needs to know that

  • Counselling is one of the most selling courses in the world
  • Counselors earn some of the best salaries in the world
  • Taking such a course also makes it possible for the student to be a full time social worker
  • Such professionals can work in almost all institution including schools, hospitals, army to mention but a few

It is usually common to find students who would like to pursue a diploma of counselling course yet they wonder which institutions best suits their needs. Such people should know that just like many parts of the world, Australian institutions also offer some of the best counselling course. By learning in such institutions, students can be sure to

  • Enroll for classes that best suit their schedules
  • They can decide to learn exclusively online or in a classroom
  • Those who wish may also combine both study options
  • The fee for studying is affordable
  • Students can acquire the VET-FEE-LOAN PROGRAM to help them fund their studies
  • Students will only be made to pay the loan on condition that they acquire jobs that pay them at least $54,000 per year.
  • They have the opportunity to choose a flexible means of payment that does not make them strain financially.

Therefore, any aspiring diploma of counseling student should log on to http://getcourse.com.au/aus/dual-diploma-of-counselling-and-community-service-work for more details on registration, application, study modes, and fee payment options. Check out Get Course

Varying Levels of ITIL Training and Certification

When a business or any other organization begins its operation, there is very little paperwork or information to store. However, as it continues to build, there is bound to be lots of data requiring proper handling. This makes it vital for operators to take ITIL training to know how to go about the business of managing the challenges that come with lots of data storage and dispensation. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) management addresses the challenge of data storage and retrieval in a swift manner that helps an organization to operate smoothly.

With proper ITIL management, data can be easily collected, analyzed before being distributed through the use of a reliable media. When this happens, the overall result is reduced response time and product effectiveness. The process is powered through results that create high impact in that customer satisfaction is increased and resource expenditure reduced. Many companies are now realizing the importance and effectiveness of ITIL and are striving to ensure their experts go for ITIL training. Some of the sectors not left out in this important venture include education and healthcare.

There are varying levels of ITIL training and certification. These are:

  • Foundation Level – The first level of ITIL certification is referred to as the Foundation Level Certification. This is the stage that helps an individual to understand various terminologies in ITIL service delivery as well as support. It focuses on methodology too. A trainee can expect to gain immensely on how to implement ITIL at the workplace.
  • Intermediate Level – This level presents a number of modules from which a trainee can choose from according to preference or individual requirements. The modules are in two categories i.e.; Service Lifecycle that deals in high-level management which focuses on various ITIL processes. Another one is Service Capability level that offers candidates knowledge related to specialized ITIL processes. This training acts as better preparation for the next ITIL level.
  • ITIL Expert Level of Qualification – It provides trainees with knowledge and skills necessary for proper understanding of the entire ITIL scheme in detail. This training is also offered in various modules and students choose their ideal course from a variety of others. Before obtaining the Expert Level Certification, a student must be able to meet certain key requirements which include vast and balanced knowledge of full ITIL service lifecycle.
  • Master Level Certification – This training is offered to a candidate who is interested in IT management on a variety of industry operations or settings. It is an essential package for an individual who is in a managerial position. After the training, a candidate should be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge in applying ITIL to the workplace.

Company managers, directors, consultants and business analysts can greatly benefit from these courses because they will be empowered to measure IT performance and streamline data management. All these are geared towards improving overall efficiency, proper communication within the company as well as management of response time. Furthermore, when interacting with professionals from other organizations, one will be able to link with them without feeling left out. It is, therefore, necessary to obtain ITIL training.